Xbox One supports up to eight controllers at once

UPDATE: PlayStation 4 only supports four.

UPDATE: PlayStation 4 will support four controllers, Sony has confirmed, in response to reports that Xbox One supports eight.

PlayStation exec Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the number via Twitter last night but didn't elaborate further.

A little known fact - the PS3 actually supported up to seven controllers at any one time, although few games included support for this.

ORIGINAL STORY: Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One will allow you to connect up to eight controllers at the same time.


That's double the amount as Xbox 360. Sony has yet to note how many pads PlayStation 4 will support.

The new Xbox One controllers will operate over a range of about nine metres (30 feet). That's a little less than the width of a doubles tennis court, or the same size as this giant prehistoric crocodile.

Microsoft published the new controller details on its official Xbox One product page (as spotted by VideoGamer).

Xbox One controllers cost 44.99 in the UK, or 59.99 with a Play and Charge Kit. PlayStation 4 pads cost 54.99, meanwhile.

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