Dead Island's MOBA spin-off developed by Bloodline Champions studio

Three teams compete, but sometimes have to work together.

Dead Island's MOBA spin-off, Dead Island: Epidemic, is being developed by Stunlock Studios, the Swedish developer behind Bloodline Champions.

Publisher Deep Silver confirmed the developer today to Polygon, where it noted that Epidemic will play closer to Bloodline Champions than more traditional MOBAs like League of Legends. As such, this spin-off will be more action-based with evasive rolling maneuvers and sprinting and everything.

The game will feature six classes and 12 players are divvied up into three teams of four. Teams will compete against each other, but also occasionally have to put their differences aside to combine forces against larger, more undead threats.

EG-contributor Dan Griliopoulos rather liked Bloodline Champions. "It's intelligently designed, skillful and quick to play, and intentionally egalitarian," he wrote in his review. "Anyone can join this game, even on the free version, and excel."

Dead Island: Epidemic is going to be a free-to-play affair on PC. No release date has been announced.


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