PS Vita charmer Velocity is getting a sequel

Velocity 2X features new platforming sequences.

FuturLab has announced a sequel to its brilliant shoot-'em-up Velocity. The new game's called Velocity 2X, and it's headed to PS Vita and PlayStation 4 next year.

The first Velocity saw you zooming around fast-scrolling sci-fi mazes, teleporting past hurdles as you stuck it to the alien menace. The sequel offers more of the same but also allows you to get out of your ship at specific sections and dash about on foot.


New lighting effects combine beautifully with the colour scheme.

This is a risky addition to such a gloriously compact game, but I suspect the team has pulled it off. I had a chance to play Velocity 2X last week, and while I'm not yet allowed to describe how the on-foot stuff plays out, I can say that it works beautifully. Trailer below! Oh, and Velocty 2X will be playable at the Eurogamer Expo. I might go to that.

The Velocity 2X website should be live soon right here.

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