Nintendo's Skylanders-style Pokémon figurines reach the UK

NFC toys get limited release at GAME.

Nintendo's range of Skylanders-esque Pokémon is now available at UK retailer GAME.

The figurines are used with Wii U downloadable spin-off Pokémon Rumble U, which launches as an eShop download this week.

Nintendo was previously unsure whether the toys would make the leap to the UK. Today - the day of the game's release - is the first we've heard of the offer.

Each figurine costs Ł3.99 and comes in a random Gacha Ball pack - so you won't know which you've bought until you open it.

A GAME-exclusive special edition of Pokémon Rumble U is also available. It includes a download code for the game, a poster, one standard figurine and a limited edition character.

The standard range of toys is shown below. There are also a number of secret "shiny" versions of certain monsters, and legendary critters Black Kyurem or White Kyurem for inclusion in the special editions.


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