Watch us play Duck Tales Remastered from 5pm BST


So, Duck Tales then. Turns out it might not be all you remembered, and WayForward's recent remastering is faithful to the NES original to a fault. It's a rigid, punishing and super-traditional platformer, which obviously isn't necessarily a bad thing - it's just that maybe Duck Tales wasn't quite ripe for resurrecting after all.

Ah well, it at least lets you wallow in nostalgia, and that's probably worth the price of entry alone. If that's not quite enough to justify the cost - or if you're merely curious - you could do worse than watching Eurogamer's Ian Higton have a crack at Duck Tales himself from 5pm BST. If you're properly in luck you could also get the game for free, as he's got a couple of codes to give out during the livestream.

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