Pay to get immediate closed beta access to Turbine's DC MOBA

One benefit of being a Founder.

Turbine's a good developer and DC superheroes are pretty snazzy, so the new MOBA Infinite Crisis, in theory, could turn out OK.


Phwoar! He must be a Founder.

Founder packages for the game have just been announced and they offer, among other things, immediate access to the closed beta test. But you need to pay for them, although Infinite Crisis, when it launches later this year on PC, will be a free-to-play game.

The three Founder packages range from 15 to 37.50 to 75. The more you pay, the more friends you can invite to the closed beta and the more characters you'll be able to fight as. Increasing amounts of in-game dosh are dished out for each tier as well.

The official Infinite Crisis Founders page doesn't seem to be working yet, but there's a new trailer on YouTube to have a look at that eventually gets around to showing some gameplay.

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