Watch the first footage of Klei's Incognita live

UPDATE: The recap of the turn-based strategy title is now up.

UPDATE: The recap of the liveshow is now up. I've updated the embedded video to show the rerun for those who missed it. The fun begins about five minutes in.

It's got randomly generated stages, permadeath, stealth, and hacking. Oh my!

A beta is expected in the next month or two.

Original Story: Klei Entertainment - the studio behind such hits as Mark of the Ninja and Shank - is unveiling the first footage of its upcoming "turn-based espionage game" Incognita in a Twitch TV livestream starting at 7p.m. GMT. You can watch it below.

Watch live video from kleientertainment on TwitchTV

Little is known about Incognita, but it's being developed primarily by the same team as Mark of the Ninja, even if that game's lead, Nels Anderson, isn't involved with it. Klei co-founder Jamie Cheng has cited XCOM: Enemy Unknown as an inspiration, but said that Firaxis' game was "ten per cent information gathering and 90 per cent positioning," whereas Incognita will flip the emphasis to recon.

Incognita is being developed for PC, Mac and iPad, with a planned Linux version to follow. An open beta is due later this summer.

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