Ouya live stream from 5pm BST

See what games look like on the new Android micro-console.

Ouya's a strange one. Billed as an Android-powered alternative to game consoles - a pitch that helped it secure millions in Kickstarter capital - it launched to mixed reviews last month and game sales are on the tiddly side at the moment, although some developers are fine with that. It also faces competition from rival Android micro-consoles like GameStick, which is due out shortly.

The proof of a console's quality, though, is not in its business success or the manner of its launch, but in the games. Are they interesting and original? Are they fun to play? Would you buy a console in order to play them? In Ouya's case there's the complicating factor that many of them are smaller indie titles, so a buying decision is more likely to be made in aggregate than due to one individual title.

We've written plenty about whether we'd buy an Ouya, but now that we're done with reviews we thought you might appreciate another way to look in on the launch line-up, so we dispatched our kit to Ian Higton, who is live-streaming a selection of games from 5pm BST today. If you're still unsure about the whole thing, or just want to see how it looks in action, join him. Remember that if you see this late you can still watch an archive of the stream.

P.S. Sorry this has taken a little while to put together. We had wanted to do it sooner and in fact we ordered a second Ouya console specifically to do so, but after two weeks it still hadn't shipped, so we had to pass around our existing one. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

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