Infinity Blade 2, Sword & Sworcery, Badland and more are free today

In honour of the App Store's fifth anniversary. Get 'em while you can.

Loads of critically acclaimed games and apps are being given away for free today, ostensibly in honour of the App Store's fifth anniversary.

Highlights include: Infinity Blade 2, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Badland, Tiny Wings and Where's My Water? Heck, even none-game apps like the usually $19.99 Traktor DJ is being given away for the princely sum of nothing.

No official list has been distributed, but Tech Tola has compiled a list, and this is what's been confirmed so far:


  • Tiny Wings (iPhone / iPad)
  • Badland (iPhone / iPad)
  • Sword & Sworcery (iPhone / iPad)
  • Infinity Blade 2 (iPhone / iPad)
  • Where's My Water (iPhone / iPad)
  • The Idiot Test 3 (iPhone)
  • Pig Shot (Universal)
  • Glow Puzzle (iPhone)
  • Real Steel (Universal)
  • War of Reproduction (iPhone)
  • Liquid Sketch (iPad)


  • Day One Journal (iPhone / iPad)
  • Traktor DJ (iPhone / iPad)
  • Over (iPhone / iPad)
  • Barefoot World Atlas (Universal)
  • How to cook everything (Universal)
  • Map My Ride + (iPhone)
  • Knots 3D (Universal)

We're not sure how much longer this sale will last, so you'd best download what you want ASAP.

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