Halo 4 Champions Bundle adds fresh maps, armour on 20th August

Three new packs included. No Andy Murray skin.

Two new maps, a new game type and a suitcase full of fresh armour are headed to Halo 4 via Microsoft's upcoming Champions Bundle pack.

The assortment of in-game goodies comes in three separate packs, although you can save money by buying them together. Doing so will also net you a smattering of bonus items, too.

The whole lot is available on 20th August for 800 Microsoft Points (6.80).

Included is the Bullseye Pack (separately priced at 480 MS Points). It contains the claustrophobic Vertigo map and remixed classic level Pitfall, a new version of Halo 3's The Pit. You also get the new game type Ricochet, a gravball scoring game.

There's also the Infinity Armour Pack (separately 200 MS Points). It has the vintage Mark V armour from the original Halo and Forerunner armour once used by Prefects.

Finally, there's the Steel Skin Pack (again, separately 200 MS Points). It includes steampunk-style aesthetics for your loadouts, including UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner weaponry.

Buy all three in the Champions Bundle and you get a limited-time set of extras, including a new armour mod, weapon and armour skins and Spartan stances for your player card.

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