Beautiful PC indie game Proteus confirmed for PS3 and Vita

Unique exploration game due this autumn.


Award-winning PC adventure Proteus will be released on PlayStation 3 and Vita this autumn, developer Curve Studios has announced.

The indie oddity will also be a Cross Buy game, so you'll only need to buy one version to play on both formats.

It's difficult to describe what Proteus is all about - it's a game about exploration on a procedurally generated, uninhabited island, without story or characters.

Proteus' visuals and soundscape make the game something very special, however.

"I was more happily immersed in this abstract place than I have been in anything else I've played lately," Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell enthused after playing Proteus last year. "It was so soothing. I felt calmer, like I'd just been on holiday and left my phone at home."

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