Watch us play The Last of Us from 12pm BST

Multiplayer stream to go with your sandwiches.

So, The Last of Us is out today. Looks alright, I guess.

Actually, yeah, it's really good. Oli's already given it top marks, and elsewhere on the site later this morning Tom will be telling you what makes it quite so special. It's a step away from Naughty Dog's typical spectacle, and the muted drama and thoughtful systems make it something truly great.

You'll probably want to save the splendour of the single-player for yourself - I'd highly advise you to, anyway - so to give you a little flavour we're going to be skipping straight to multiplayer. If you're one of those lucky sorts who has a PS3 by their desk - or if you're even luckier and aren't working today - you can join in too. Just ping Ian Higton's PSN account - Higtown32 - and you'll have a chance of getting in on the action from 12pm BST.

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