2008 PSN hack suspect smashes PCs, hides HDDs, gets off lightly


A man suspected of involvement in the 2008 PSN hack - the one Howard Stringer apparently didn't know about - dodged the harshest sentences attached to such a cyber crime by smashing his PCs and hiding his hard-drives.


Whoops wrong one lol.

Instead of facing a possible 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine he, Todd M. Miller, toddled off with a year's house arrest, reported The Columbus Dispatch - a punishment doled out for obstructing an FBI investigation.

The Judge said Miller was part of the KCUF clan of hackers who brought Sony's servers to their knees in 2008. The FBI had interviewed Miller in 2011 and returned with a warrant to search his house, but upon doing so found hard-drives missing and computers in pieces. It was, as Cliff Bleszinski would call it, "destroyed beauty".

Without those computers the FBI didn't have enough evidence to pin the hacking charges on Miller.

Miller, 23, said he had been "immature and ignorant and caught up with the wrong people at the wrong time" when he destroyed the computers. "You will not see me again," he promised the judge.

Miller also received three years probation and was ordered to get his high-school equivalence certificate.

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