Level-5's horror adventure curio The Starship Damrey due next week on 3DS eShop

Priced at 7.19.

Level-5's upcoming first-person survival horror game for the 3DS eShop, The Starship Damrey, is now slated for release on 16th May in Europe and North America.

Originally it was set to release this week in Europe, but got pushed back at the last minute wherein Nintendo notified NintendoLife about the delay.

It will be priced at 7.19 and represents the first game in Level-5's Guild02 collection that will also include Keiji Inafune's WW2 shooter Bugs vs. Tanks! and the wonderfully titled simulation game Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale.

Little is known about The Starship Damrey, but apparently it does the whole Myst thing of dropping the player in a strange location with no tutorial, hints, or any sort of guidance. Sounds intriguing.

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