Moshimoshi is a free shmup with a catchy soundtrack and hilarious life advice

"Don't do meth, but math."

"Never trade marijuana against Pokemons."

Sound advice! Armel Gibson's free shmup Moshimoshi is full of such wisdom as you take control of the wizened old Tomato Butt King as he fights crustaceans between bouts of laying down some knowledge.

Created in the span of a weekend for the space/time-themed game jam, Braingale Jamin, Moshmoshi's central gimmick is that at any given time one of its three central components - your avatar, the enemies, or their projectiles - will be completely obscured by the game's tri-coloured backgrounds. As such, you'll have to memorize the location of various hazards as you try to navigate around them.

Gibson explained to that he posted some gifs of the game on the Braingale forum and London-based composer Calum Bowen saw them and submitted the insane tune that makes up Moshimoshi's soundtrack.

You can give Moshomoshi a go here. And remember kids, "Always listen to adults. They know stuff."

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