Battle Worlds: Kronos dev thrilled by Kickstarter and "connecting with people"

Talked with more players in one month than in the 10 years before, combined.


German developer King Art raised $260,235, more than twice what it needed on Kickstarter to successfully fund Advance Wars-inspired turn-based strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos.

The money was the reason King Art went to Kickstarter, naturally, but like so many other developers it's been opening a dialogue with fans that's really stretched the smile across its face.

"We're exhausted but happy," King Art wrote on Kickstarter. "The last weeks were truly spectacular. Sure, there is the money and the success and we're thankful for that. But there is also the feeling of connecting with people.

"Usually when you do a game you do it for some anonymous creature called 'The Player'. In the last weeks we talked more to players than probably in the 10 years before, combined. Some of the browser games we developed have more than 5 million players. But you 7500 backers feel like much more to us because you talked to us, gave us ideas and helped us.

"We will make a great game. We owe you that."

King Art

"Games developed together with a community and funded by the community... this might be our future," the developer added. "We certainly hope so. ... There are plenty of imaginable reasons why our hopes might not come true, but there is one thing that won't be the reason: a bad Battle Worlds: Kronos. We will make a great game. We owe you that."

Battle Worlds: Kronos raising more than it asked for means stretch goals came into play, which beefed out the game and made iOS and Android tablet versions possible as well as a version for Ouya.

The game has also been Greenlit for release on Steam, although King Art won't limit itself to selling the game there - all other PC game download shops are being considered.

The plan is for Battle Worlds: Kronos to be released at the end of 2013. The initial platforms for the game were PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac. Multiplayer elements can be played in a browser, too.

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