The funny bugs of SimCity - post update 2.0



Air pollution everywhere!

The SimCity community have criticised the recent - and hotly-anticipated - update 2.0, and proved its point with some hilarious videos.

Gamers had high hopes that the patch, released earlier this week, would address many of the high-profile issues Maxis' controversial game has suffered from since launch.

While it went some way to improving traffic congestion and beefed up the viability of casinos, it appears to have failed to address other issues and, in some cases, caused eye-catching bugs.

Over on the SimCity sub-Reddit, Imidazole0 compiled a list of problems that includes phantom sounds, unexpected air pollution and game crashes.

The video, below, by labombevolante, shows SimCity producing siren and honking noises where only trees are found.

This image, by fivestarchili, shows police car conga lines have not improved.


Police car conga line.

And this image, from rshilda, shows a city invaded by taxis.


City invaded by taxis.

But our favourite is this video, by ko36, of a garbage truck bug that borders on the nightmarish.

SimCity developers have acknowledged some of these problems. Lead gameplay scripter and designer Guillaume Pierre took to Twitter to confirm that the random pollution bug was being worked on.

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