Gunslinger brings glory to the Call of Juarez series

Come have a look at how Ubisoft and Techland have reinvented the series in our video preview.

Happy Techland day! We've already brought you word of the studio's latest release Dead Island Riptide, and it's everything you'd expect of the Polish developer. That is it's a little shabby, a little bland but with a big heart.

Call of Juarez Gunslinger looks set to live up to some of that heritage, but it's certainly not bland - and it's also got a little touch of flair that's perhaps been missing from some of Techland's earlier output.

It's certainly looking a lot better than the last Call of Juarez, the workmanlike The Cartel. Techland's given the series a bit of a reboot, kicking it back to the Old West and giving it a welcome arcade patina. That's all something you can have a look at yourself in our video preview, compiled and presented by the lovely Ian Higton.

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