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Heroes, villains and vigors.

Hello Eurogamers. Here's your weekly sampler of, a mild-mannered website once bitten by a radioactive video game. With great power comes the great responsibility to tell you about this week's videos.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is the high-falutin' name for what might otherwise be called Superman versus Batman versus Everyone Else: The Fighting Game. Show of the Week sees how it measures up, and struggles with the eternal question: which comic megapublisher has the better games, Marvel or DC?

Speaking of Batman, there's a new Arkham game on the way: an Arkham Asylum prequel developed by new and mostly untested studio Warner Montreal. We're cautiously optimistic, so long as they avoid a few key pitfalls listed in the video below. Warner Montreal aren't listening, of course - item one in the list has been confirmed since we made the video - but we're holding out hope for the six other ways to keep Bats on top.

Finally, we examine the numerous radical changes made to BioShock Infinite in the course of its lengthy development by comparing gameplay demos from 2010, 2011 and 2012.

It makes for fascinating viewing. Almost every aspect of the game has been tweaked or changed wholesale since 2010, including the design of Elizabeth and her abilities, the vigors you collect and the layout of Columbia itself. It's not until you place the versions side by side that you realise how much Irrational Games tossed in the trash in pursuit of the final version of Bioshock Infinite that we're playing today.

For all this, plus everything you need to know about FIFA 14 and some extremely clumsy supernatural assassination in the Dishonored Knife of Dunwall DLC, head to

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