ArmA Tactics in action on Nvidia's handheld Project Shield thingamajig

I Android that.

Bohemia showed its support for Nvidia's new Android portable Project Shield - which looks like a control pad with a flip-top display - by developing a spin-off ArmA Tactics game for it.

Bohemia's now shared a video of both game and console in action.

It's all a bit QVC on the part of the man demonstrating the game for Nvidia, but there's a good dose of gameplay showing what the turn-based strategy game - and the experience of playing it on Project Shield - will be like.

As well as play puffed up Tegra 4 Android games, Project Shield also stream-plays beefier games from a local PC. Nvidia demonstrated this by playing Borderlands 2 on Project Shield, and it looked like an impressively smooth and responsive experience.

Project Shield's slated for release in Q2 this year, which ends 30th June.

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