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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and the science of BioShock Infinite.

Hello Eurogamers, welcome to the weekly update from Outside Xbox that remains 100 per cent microtransaction-free. Unless you want a diamond chisel, they're ten grand each. What for? You'll know when you need it.

Okay, fine. Instead of a diamond chisel, how about a video about the eye-widening real science behind BioShock Infinite?

In 1912, when BioShock Infinite takes place, the world was on the verge of the scientific revolution that was quantum mechanics. Small wonder the sci-fi of BioShock Infinite draws on equally dizzying quantum phenomena. Here comes the science bit (it's all the science bit):

Achievements are a permanent record of your digital accomplishments. How else will people know you killed 53,596 zombies in Dead Rising 2? But when games assign achievements to more dubious deeds, they become everlasting proof of mad achievement lust, or at least the inclination to poke the camera under Juliet Starling's skirt. We round up the eight achievements you least want to describe to your mother:

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is last year's best open-world shooter through the filter of an 80s action flick: a vision of the future year 2007, when a cyborg army rules an island of glowing neon outposts and cybernetic wildlife. Imagine a laser tag centre with robot cassowaries. Andy and I, fresh from a session with Blood Dragon, talk over this Far Cry 3 sci-fi spin-off:

For all this, plus Mike discovering Dead Island Riptide's ludicrous new running kick in some exclusive gameplay, come to Diamond chisel optional.

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