Muramasa Rebirth dated for June in North America

Special edition detailed.

Muramasa Rebirth, the Vita remake of Odin Sphere developer Vanillaware's 2010 Wii hit Muramasa: The Demon Blade, has been dated for a 25th June release in North America, publisher Aksys Games has announced.

Unfortunately, no European release has been confirmed.

This enhanced version of Muramasa will have four DLC add-ons, each containing new scenarios and playable characters. It will also feature a new translation and reconfigured controls so you can hit a button to jump, unlike the Wii version where you had to press up ala Smash Bros.

Aksys also announced a special edition of Muramasa Rebirth - pictured below - that comes with a custom face cover and skin by Hori, as well as a Muramasa-themed pouch and a framed lithograph designed by the game's creator and lead designer George Kamitani.


No official price was revealed, but Amazon is selling pre-orders of it for $59.99, so one can assume that will be its standard retail price.

Ex-EG contributor Keza MacDonald rather liked the original Muramasa when it came out. She criticised its shallow combat and scant length in her 7/10 Muramasa review, but noted that "as a piece of visual videogame art it's at the very peak of the medium's achievements, along with Okami and Odin Sphere."

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