Blizzard outlines plan to make Diablo 3 co-op better

Admits playing with others "can often feel not worth the effort".


Blizzard plans to improve Diablo 3's co-op experience with patch 1.0.8.

Senior technical game designer Wyatt Cheng admitted that Diablo 3's co-op wasn't "living up to its full potential". "Even if you enjoy playing with your friends, it can often feel easier and more efficient to play solo."

Playing solo means you can choose your own route - useful for farming - and pause the game as you see fit.

Playing co-op has its benefits, such as taking down bosses and Elite packs quicker than you'd do on your own, but, according to Cheng, it has many disadvantages, "like having to coordinate where you're walking and what you're attacking, losing your followers, and trying to find groups that have similar goals to yours without a defined matchmaking system in place".

"The point is that multiplayer can be lot of fun, but given the downsides it can often feel not worth the effort," he continued. "By making it easier for players to find one another, improving social features, and providing direct buffs to co-op groups, we hope to change that perspective."


To that end, patch 1.0.8 will add matchmaking tags for public games, which should make it easier for players to find groups that fit their personal play style; multiplayer bonuses, such as extra experience points for playing with others; a reduction in monster health, the addition of Identify All; combat alerts, such as Elite found' and private chat.

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