BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia board game revealed

Outvox your opponent.


A board game version of BioShock Infinite is currently in production.

Rather than playing as main characters Booker and Elizabeth, The Siege of Columbia sees players fighting to control or destroy the floating city of Columbia as one of its two warring factions.

Booker and Elizabeth are instead the wildcards in the conflict - it appears that they can be swayed to helping either side.

Founder and Vox Populi teams get an army of figurines to command, including the Handyman, Songbird and rebel leader Daisy Fitzroy. The board itself is divided up into Columbia's many areas, each linked by skylines.

The Siege of Columbia will be available on 26th May and can be pre-ordered now from Plaid Hat Games. It costs $59.95 (about 40), although international shipping isn't cheap.

UK readers are better off buying it from Forbidden Planet, where it's priced 60.99.

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