Triad is a delightful free puzzler about three people sharing a bed

Finally, a game we can all relate to.

Prolific indie developer and author of Rise of the Videogame Zinesters, Anna Anthropy, has released her latest creation Triad, a spacial puzzler about three people and one cat sharing a single bed.


One wonders how the red-head usually prevents herself from falling off the bed. Hmm...

After what's ostensibly a drunken night of debauchery, the trio decides, "What if we try all three of us sharing the same bed?" I mean, why not?

Each person is shaped like a Tetris piece and comes equipped with their own quirks. A woman in yellow skivvies tends to flip around, while a red-head rolls about, and a shirtless fellow doesn't move, but he does snore. Tossed into the mix is a black cat who has its own favourite spot in the corner.

Triad isn't a particularly long game, but it's proper challenging. At least it was until the solution fell into place and I felt like a dunce for not thinking of it sooner.

Feel free to try solving man's greatest conundrum by downloading Triad for Windows or Mac at Anna Anthropy's official site.


This can't end well.

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