New Strider game in the works

For PC and XBLA. And PSN?


Strider XBLA banner.

A new Strider game is in the works, the internet has discovered.

NeoGAF uncovered box art and a banner for the game, which matches the dimensions of box art and banners used for Xbox Live Arcade games.


Strider XBLA box art.

Additionally, the internet uncovered a Steam achievement for Strider.

So, that's XBLA and PC, then, set for a new downloadable Strider game. We expect it'll also come out on PlayStation Network.

Capcom is expected to announce a couple of new games at PAX East later this week. Will Strider be one of them? Capcom told Eurogamer this morning: “we don't comment on rumours or speculation."

Strider is a cult action platform game that began life in Japanese arcades in 1989. It was one of the company's earliest hits, pre-dating Street Fighter.

The game was ported to pretty much every console around at the time, and was quickly followed up by a sequel.

In February 2012 it emerged that Grin, the now defunct developer behind Bionic Commando, Wanted and Terminator: Salvation, worked on a Strider reboot and a Streets of Rage remake before it closed down in 2009.

Strider was to be a reboot similar to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 Bionic Commando reboot Grin made for Capcom.

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