New Civilization 5 expansion Brave New World announced

Out on PC and Mac this summer.


2K has announced the second expansion for Civilization 5.

It's called Brave New World, is developed by Firaxis Games and is due out on the PC and Mac this summer.

Brave New World introduces nine new civilizations, each with new unique units and builders. There are new leaders, too, including Casimir III of Poland.

A new Culture Victory condition has been added. To this end you can use Great Artists, Writers and Musicians to create masterpieces. To win a Culture Victory you need to become the first civilization with a majority influence in all other civilizations.

Also new is World Congress, which votes on issues such as trade sanctions against rogue nations. Firaxis said you'll be able to influence "game-changing resolutions". "A new lead into the Diplomatic Victory ensures that the end of the game will be more dynamic than ever before."

Elsewhere, there's new International Trade Routes, eight new wonders, including the Parthenon, Broadway and the Uffizi, and two new scenarios: War Between the States (fight the American Civil War from either the Union or Confederate side), and Scramble for Africa.

"After adding a number of great new features to Civilization 5 with the Gods & Kings expansion, the team continued to search for ways to create even more exciting gameplay through new systems and features," said Civilization creator Sid Meier.

"We're happy to bring our fans another ambitious expansion that will provide hours and hours of new Civilization experiences."

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