16-inch Skyrim Dragonborn statue costs $300 quick get one

Hand-tailored fabrics, my my.

$300! I couldn't believe it. It's only 16 inches tall.

I'm talking about a Skyrim Dragonborn figurine made to look like the key piece of artwork of the Skyrim hero clad in hide armour and standing on a rock with a longsword in one hand, short sword in the other.

That's the $300 model. There are 1000 of those.

There's an even more expensive model ($330) that has an interchangeable arm that holds a fireball spell that illuminates and pulses like real fire! There are only 500 of these.

The statues are cast in poly-stone whatever that is, and they even wear hand-tailored fabrics.

Each statue comes with a numbered base and certificate of authenticity "which allows you to purchase the same model number in future releases in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Collection", according to the Bethesda blog.

The statues are on sale at Gaming Heads and will ship worldwide in Q4 this year.

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