Total War: Rome 2 video and screenshots

You Colosseum.

Sit quietly for a glimpse at Total War: Rome 2 gameplay as you watch a recreation of the historical battle of Teutoburg Forest, where the Romans suffered a crushing defeat.

The Romans were ambushed by a Germanic chieftain who, it sounds like, double-crossed them.

The footage is edited for a bit of dramatic flair; it's not raw gameplay but it's the sort of thing the engine will be well capable of powering in real-time as you play.

Apparently this kind of thick forest ambush with flaming boulders of straw will be a valid tactic in the full Total War: Rome 2 game. The video shows a new true line-of-sight feature, but it doesn't specify where - presumably it's the view of the people hidden in the trees?

Rome 2 is due out in the latter half of the year. Factions confirmed so far are The Roman Republic, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni, Arverni and Suebi.

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