Lego FTL set exists, but needs more votes to be produced

Has until 4th March to accrue 10,000 supporters.

Last year Lego got its very own Minecraft set following a cavalcade of user votes on Lego Cuusoo, the building-block manufacturer's community site where users vote on what kooky ideas get placed into production.

Following in Mojang's footsteps, another cult-favourite PC hit may be manifested in Lego form with Subset Games' space faring roguelike FTL (Faster Than Light).

In order for Lego to seriously consider this, it will need to accrue 10,000 supporters on Cuusoo by 4th March. As of writing this, it has 768. Not bad as it only had 144 this afternoon, according to Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Of course, getting 10,000 votes doesn't guarantee that it will go into production and the squares at Lego could always veto it, but FTL does have a fervent fanbase, so it certainly could happen.

See the Lego FTL ships, aliens and astronauts below.


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