Steam Greenlight update adds loads of new options

Share favourites, skip entries to vote on them later, and new stats for devs.

Valve has just released an update to Steam Greenlight that features several improvements for both consumers and developers.


First and foremost, players can now vote "Ask me again later" for games in their queue. Skipped titles will be removed from one's queue for a month, but they can be revisited at any time via the new Items to Revisit Later menu.

Entries you really like can be Favourited for easy access later, or you can select to separately "Follow" items to be notified about updates. Favourited items will automatically be followed. These options should help users who are on the fence about a particular title and want to wait until they have more info before casting their vote.

Users can also create collections of titles they're eyeing and now they can post announcements to anyone following their collection. This should make it easier to find out about new games from people with similar tastes.

Furthermore, a new set of statistics has been made available for developers so they can see exactly how many people are viewing their item and voting on it. There's even fancy graphs and pie charts to make the process more transparent.


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