First-person action roguelike Low: Depths of Knossos debuts gameplay

Play as Theseus as he pursues the Minotaur.

Low: Depths of Knossos is a first-person procedurally generated roguelike that places players in the sandals of Theseus as he hunts the legendary Minotaur through the labyrinths of Crete.

Developed by the Maine-based indie studio Dirigo Games, Low will feature real-time combat, permadeath, and loads of increasingly menacing mythological creatures along with the ever-present Minotaur. According to the developer on the game's Steam Greenlight page, Low will feature "sneaking and illumination" and be more akin to Amnesia than Ultima.

Based on the debut gameplay trailer below, Low may not have the most cutting-edge graphics, but there's a certain retro charm to its visuals that resemble stop-motion animation with the monsters seemingly existing just out of step with the rest of the scenery. It gives the whole thing a Ray Harryhausen flavour befitting of its ancient Greek setting.

No firm release date has been announced, but Low: Depths of Knossos is slated to come to PC sometime in 2013.

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