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A tale of intrigue, hostile wildlife and tiny silk dressing gowns.

Hi Eurogamer, you're looking lovely this weekend. How's your week been? As ever, we've been playing games and making videos, so here's what we've been up to over the past seven days.

First up, we've been getting to grips with Hitman Absolution's Contracts Mode, the game's offering for more social sociopaths. People might have grumbled about the fact that Absolution's levels were smaller and more linear this time around, but it seems the series' classic spirit of improvisation is alive and well in this create-a-hit mode. To test it out, Mike and I set each other condition-heavy challenges involving scissors, tiny silk dressing gowns and Lynch from Kane & Lynch. Check out part one here:

Remember the good old days? When arcades existed? Midway used to churn out some of the greatest, most exciting arcade games around and they've recently been bundled together in Arcade Origins, a budget release on Xbox 360. There are a few tweaks to allow for Xbox Live play and leaderboards, but otherwise they're just as they always were. So we thought we'd play through as many as we could in half an hour, buzzing out when we got bored with each title. See which game lasted the longest here:

We rounded things off with our regular Show of the Week, this time based on the week's big release, the 10/10-approved Far Cry 3, in which we take a look at the deadly wildlife of the game's Rook Island, and Andy gets hit in the head with a bin.

For more videos, including LEGO Lord of the Rings, a look at the Gangnam Style DLC for Dance Central 3 and an incredulous playthrough of an Intel-sponsored Kinect game starring Chris Evans (not that Chris Evans), head over to See you next week!

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