Nintendo launches PokÚdex iOS, first paid-for App Store download

It's a whole new world we live in.

In a watershed moment for Nintendo: the Japanese developer has released its first paid-for iOS app.


A version of the existing 3DS PokÚdex app is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPhone devices (thanks, Serebii).

Initially just for release in Japan, the download also comes with in-app purchases.

Once downloaded you'll find a version of the PokÚmon encyclopaedia which covers all of the latest generation of critters (from DS games PokÚmon Black and White). This costs 170 yen (about ú1.30).

Four extra packs with monsters from previous generations are then available to download for 500 yen (ú3.90) each - meaning users will pay around ú17 for the whole thing.

The app is developed by Nintendo-owned studio Creatures Inc., co-developers of the main PokÚmon series. It is not the first Nintendo-made download available on the iOS App Store. That honour befalls a Japan-only free app PokÚmon Say Tap, available for a limited time last year.

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