Eurogamer Reader Survey 2012

Last chance to add your views about the site design, editorial and what kind of gamer you are to this year's survey. Thanks!

As those of you who have been on Eurogamer for a while will know, we like to do an annual survey to get to know our readers better. The survey includes questions about the site design, editorial and a bunch of stuff about what kind of gamer you are. If you have a few spare minutes, we would be really grateful for your input.

As with last year's survey (which we actually did early in January of this year, because we're special), once we have collated the results I'll do an update talking about your feedback and what we plan to do about it. Check out the blog I wrote last time for an idea of what I mean. And as ever with this sort of thing, we really appreciate any thoughts you take the time to share.

We've put the survey up on Survey Monkey, so check it out there. Thanks everyone.

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