Jazzpunk is a "retro-cyberpunk comedy adventure" worth keeping an eye on

Swanky debut trailer within.

Necrophone Games' upcoming Juzzpunk is billed as a "retro-cyberpunk comedy adventure," which is one of those pitches that you just want to pour money into.


Jazzpunk is a first-person adventure that bears a stylistic resemblance to Blendo Games' Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving with maybe a spot of Psychonauts' Milkman Conspiracy level thrown in for good measure, but it looks to be up to its own thing as well. Developer Luis Hernandez said he an colleague Jess Brouse are "going for the Naked Gun/Airplane/Hot Shots 1980s 'spoof' style," in a comment to

"In comedy timing is everything and since our world is non-linear we need to be extra conscious about when and where we put our jokes," said Necrophone on its official site. To that end Necrophone have supposedly employed a Jokes-Per-Minute Meter to gauge how much hilarity to cram into any given scene, as well as a Joke Heatmap to best determine where to place the gags geographically.

"It is simply a map [of] a level with joke areas marked in red. As they player leaves a red zone, the joke will have worn off and will be ready for a new one," said the developer. "This tool allows you to see more of the prospective 'quality' of jokes, as better ones can have a larger area of effect - requiring fewer in the surrounding area."

There's no release date for Jazzpunk beyond the crypitic "coming soon for PC and Mac," but you can get a glimpse at its swish presentation in the debut trailer below.

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