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Death before Dishonored.

Happy Saturday, folks! Time for your Outside Xbox video digest.

If your Saturday plans are anything like ours, they are 90 per cent Dishonored. We set about the first mission of Arkane's sumptuous stealth adventure with three diametrically opposed assassination styles. Can three things even be diametrically opposed? Find out below.

Elsewhere on the site, Andy plucked the nine best offbeat, game- or meme-inspired songs from Rock Band Network, the DLC service that lets people put their own tracks into Rock Band. Did you know autotuned YouTube treat Bed Intruder is in there? Neither did we.

That Dishonored edges out the cracking XCOM: Enemy Unknown for this week's Show of the Week is testament to how much fun we are having with it. Observe how much in the show, featuring a tribute to its impressive developer pedigree, rat possession and handicrafts.

For even more weekend video entertainment, such as the word on Far Cry 3's surprisingly compelling, horror-flavoured story, look no further than We'll see you outside.

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