Hotline Miami release date 23rd October priced 6.99

This year's hot indie tip.


Indie darling Hotline Miami will be released 23rd October on Get Games for 6.29. (That's with 10 per cent off - the usual price is 6.99.)

Pre-order it at Get Games for the exclusive EXPOsed mission that was playable at the Eurogamer Expo.

Hotline Miami is the neon-coloured top-down f***-'em-up that scooped Rezzed Game of the Show this summer.

In it you are a rubber mask-wearing assassin and you use all manner of weaponry to slice, shoot, batter and stab your way to whatever prize lurks well protected at the heart of a building. It's bloody, bloody hard and bloody good.

And it'll run on an ancient PC. What's not to like?

Hotline Miami video reveal: imagine the original GTA

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