Five weeks later, still no Counter-Strike: GO on EU PS3 Store

"Sorry, again I have nothing to say on it still."

This is the fifth week Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hasn't shown up on the PlayStation Store.

Embarrassed PS Store rep Jawad Ashraf could only repeat what he's said before. "Sorry, again I have nothing to say on it still," he told a European PlayStation blog commenter.


"It's what?"


The digital day-and-date release of the brilliant Borderlands 2 on PSN sounds the trumpet for the future of downloadable console games, particularly on Sony machinery. The game's 50 quid, so a tenner more than you'd pay at a shop.

The digital arrival of SSX, on the other hand - several months late and priced 57.99 - highlights everything that's wrong with downloadable console games at the moment.

The brilliant-then-and-brilliant-now Jet Set Radio HD arrives for 6.50.

There are demos today for Jet Set Radio HD, Zuma's Revent, Realms of Ancient War and Damage Inc.

On Vita, LittleBigPlanet Vita arrives at 30 quid.

The Armored Kill Battlefield 3 add-on costs 11.99, and there's that buy-now-save-later four pack of Borderlands 2 DLC bundled into the Season Pass for 23.99.

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