Obsidian's Project Eternity RPG funded on Kickstarter in three days

It was Torment to be.

Blimey - Obsidian's new RPG Project Eternity was funded on Kickstarter in just three days.

Obsidian asked for $1.1 million on Friday. Obsidian's now has $1.4 million with 29 days to go.

As a result: stretch goals - development milestones made possible by raising more money.

At $1.1 million the base game includes five races, five classes and five companions. At $1.4 million the options for character creation are expanded, and there will be a new playable race, class and companion.

At $1.6 million a Mac version will become reality and the game's storyline will expand with new quests, locations, NPCs and "unique loot (special histories, anyone?)".

At $1.8 million there will be another new playable race, class and companion added. At $2.0 million there will be customisable player housing.

At $2.2 million there will be, "dare we say it", Linux support. Plus, a new faction in a new territory, which will bring new quests, magical items and hours more gameplay.

If Project Eternity amasses $2.4 million "and beyond", there could be no DRM. Obsidian is adding various new tiers to the Kickstarter page, plus PayPal donations.

Obsidian's Adam Brennecke recorded a video to say thank you for the amazing support so far.


"Yeah, no, that's great boss."

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