Two new Ubisoft mobile games of note: Rayman Jungle Run and Nutty Fluffies

One looks like Rayman Origins, the other's made by RedLynx.

These could be good: new Ubisoft mobile games Rayman Jungle Run and Nutty Fluffies.

Why Rayman Jungle Run? Because the Rayman series made a fantastic platforming comeback in Rayman Origins, and Rayman Jungle Run looks just like it.

Jungle Run is an endless runner like Temple Run - oh, and they sound similar! This is also the first Rayman game developed from the outset for mobile platforms - I hope that means developers Ubisoft Montpellier and Pasta Games will be keen to show what they can do.

Rayman Jungle Run is coming to iOS devices and Android on 20th September.

Rayman Jungle Run.

Why Nutty Fluffies? Because it's made by Trials studio RedLynx, and has the hallmark physics-based side-scrolling gameplay we love them for. This time, however, it's all about riding rollercoasters as different types of stuffed animals, each of which have special abilities to help you grab coins and hearts.

Nutty Fluffies is coming out on iOS and Android devices Q4 this year.

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