Remember Me Gamescom footage shows rooftop chase, cheesy dialogue

Echoes Beyond Good & Evil's most thrilling scene.

Capcom has released a 10 minute gameplay video of its French sci-fi action thriller Remember Me.

The video - which originally premiered at Gamescom last month - portrays "memory hunter" Nilin Nathan Draking it around Neo Parisian rooftops while a helicopter chases her. Curiously, Nilin doesn't so much run away as she quickly saunters away. Move those arms, girl! A helicopter is raining bullets down on you!

It's an odd scene for developer Dontnod to reveal, given that the bar has been set pretty high for French games where a woman runs across rooftops while being pursued by law enforcers.

All kidding aside, the combat looks fun and those Matrix-ey finishing moves are pretty slick. Let's just hope the dialogue improves from "that should blow your mind" and "the hunted becomes the hunter!"

Remember Me is due out on May 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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