Sports Champions 2 release date smacked out

Boxing! Skiing! Tennis! Golf! Better archery!

Update: Sony's confirmed that the UK release date will indeed by 2nd November.

Original story: Sports Champions 2, Sony's PlayStation Move version of Wii Sports Resort, now has a rock solid release date.


Whoops! Let's hope that doesn't happen.

The European PlayStation blog outed the date as "available from" 31st October "in PAL regions". That's a Wednesday. In the UK, video games release on Friday.

The UK release date of Sports Champions 2 will, therefore, probably be 2nd November. But we'll double-check this.

Sports Champions was one of the better early PlayStation Move games - not least because it had sword & shield and archery mini-games, among others. These were tantalising tastes of how PlayStation Move could work in other PS3 games, not that, err, many have actually materialised.

Sports Champions 2 adds boxing, skiing, bowling, tennis, golf and a new archery event.

There's an Avatar Creator feature this time, plus some extra modes and general improvements.

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