PlayStation Vita update locks memory cards to PSN accounts

Sony slips unadvertised extra feature in latest firmware.

There's a bonus feature for PlayStation Vita owners who have updated to the system's new firmware: Sony has locked memory cards to specific PlayStation Network accounts.

Gamers were previously able to switch PSN accounts via the slightly cumbersome process of "restoring" the system.

Now, those with content from multiple accounts or multiple regions will have to buy another memory card or lose their data.

One way to separate your content onto several memory cards is to copy it back to a PlayStation 3, NeoGAF users reported. But those with only one Vita memory card handy will need to go shopping first.

It's a problem that will hit users who have accounts on multiple PlayStation Stores - useful as not all content is released in all regions.

The move comes at an especially bad time - Sony has just enabled PSone game support for the Vita. Those who bought titles using a different PSN account to their handheld's will also need to juggle memory cards.

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