Psychonauts coming to US PlayStation Store next week

But will it arrive in Europe?

Double Fine classic Psychonauts will release on the US PlayStation Store next week, the developer has announced.

The tip-top platformer will turn up as part of the Store's PlayStation 2 Classics range next Tuesday, 28th August.

We'll be keeping a close eye on the EU Store update the following day to see if it emerges here.

European PlayStation 3 fans are still waiting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which inexplicably skipped this week's update, enraging fans. We're still looking into what happened there.

But enough about that. It's fair to say that Psychonauts is a lot of fun and probably worth picking up if you've enjoyed anything else from the Tim Schafer-led studio (Costume Quest, Brutal Legend, Stacking, etc.).

The game is already available on Linux, Mac and PC through Steam and GOG. Basically there's no reason not to own a copy.


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