Day Z Video Diary, Day 5: The Best Laid Plans

In which James is tempted off course by a helicopter wreck.

Make a plan - and stick to it. That was Day Z creator Dean Hall's advice to struggling zombie apocalypse survivor James Hills - Eurogamer TV's video editor - in Day 3 of his video diary of life in the game. And it's a plan that turned the panic and disaster of days 1 and 2 into the heroic survivalism of day 4.

James was now so cautious that, at the end of day 4, he turned his back on a helicopter crash site - a rare occurrence that yields some of the best weapons and loot in the game. On day 5, during the final push of his cross-country trek to Devil's Castle, temptation is laid in his path a second time by another chopper wreck - and this time it proves too much to resist. Find out what happened below.

James is currently very busy setting up our new site Outside Xbox with Mike Channell, Jane Douglas and Andy Farrant, so this might be the last of his Day Z diaries - for a while at least. But do let us know if you'd like to see more.

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