Total War: Rome 2 bares a little more picture-flesh

Click here to Colosseum.

Total War: Rome 2, shrouded in pre-pre-alpha secrecy, has flashed a little more leg at Gamescom, via a clutch of new screenshots.

I say new, but they look like they've been pulled from the gameplay video shown to press and to the Rezzed audience earlier this summer. Still, they've not been widely released until now.

The pictures show an assault on a harbour and colossal city beyond. The sky's grey with smoke and projectiles, contrasted by the golden sunlight that beams off columns and statues.

This section of gameplay highlights what Rome 2 can do - chiefly, soldiers disembarking from ships and attacking a shore during the same battle, rather than separate sea and land skirmishes. There's also the impressive new engine and dramatic scenery to marvel at too, of course.

Total War: Rome 2 will be released on PC in the latter half of next year, 2013.

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