Dust 514 beta ready for move to Eve Online servers

PC MMO and PS3 shooter about to collide.

PlayStation 3 sci-fi shooter Dust 514 is finally ready to merge with its parent game, hardcore spaceship MMO Eve Online.

Dust 514, currently in closed beta, is about to be moved from a standalone test server to developer CCP's live Eve Online matrix.

The move, due 21st August, will coincide with the release of Dust 514's new "Precursor" build. Players of both games will then be able to chat in real time and exchange in-game mail.

Precursor will also include the first framework for the game-bridging Orbital Strike system. Players in Dust 514 will be able to call in massive air strikes from War Barges waiting above.

Dust 514 will later add the ability to choose Orbital Strikes from live Eve Online players, with the potential to do far more damage depending on the involved Eve Online and Dust 514 players' stats.

Instant battle matchmaking, new environments, PS3 keyboard and mouse integration and other enhancements are also set for the Precursor update. Not involved yet? CCP has promised more closed beta keys are on the way.

Dust 514 beta gameplay footage

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