Day Z Video Diary, Day 4: First Blood

In which James is defeated by a hay bale, sees an unlikely bus stop, and takes his first shot in anger.

Is it confidence, or hubris? Day 4 of our Day Z video diary finds Eurogamer TV's cameraman and editor James Hills in high spirits after the successful raids of Day 3. Armed with tips from creator Dean Hall, the panicky and frightened refugee of episodes 1 and 2 is now a wary survivor with a game plan.

After an unfortunate incident with a hay bale in a barn, James continues his scenic hike north with a song in his heart. But temptation eventually gets the better of him and, for the first time, he has to raise his rifle in anger… Watch below to find out what happened.

In each episode of our Day Z video diary, you'll walk a mile in James' shoes as he learns the Day Z ropes the hard way and tries to stay alive until the following dawn. Look out for the next episode soon.

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