Animal Crossing 3DS has a garden centre

It's run by a sloth.

Animal Crossing 3DS includes new features such as a garden centre, a fresh peek at the game has revealed.

Other improvements include a larger museum, replete with a new exhibition room and gift shop.

The garden centre is run by a sloth. He stocks bags of flower seeds and tree seedlings, Famitsu reports (via GoNintendo), presumably to plant around your town.

It's another reminder of the game's emphasis on crafting your surroundings according to your whims. Now as mayor, you'll be able to place lampposts, benches and the like.

You can also help Tom Nook with his new raccoon housing project, turning a simple canvas tent into a customisable mansion.

There will be extra fish and fossils to find, and more furniture will available to buy - including a mermaid range.

Nintendo is yet to announce a release date for its anticipated anthropomorphic life sim. The game was first shown off back at the 3DS' unveiling, and has remained largely under-wraps ever since.

Animal Crossing 3DS footage

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